Deity BF1 Omnidirectional Butterfly Antenna

Deity Microphones has released the BF1 Omnidirectional Butterfly Antenna, which increases the range of any UHF wireless audio system and works seamlessly with the new THEOS system. Deity states the BF1 is not just a passive omnidirectional butterfly antenna; it’s a testament to cutting-edge engineering and unparalleled performance.

BF1 Specifications

  • Antenna Type – Passive
  • Frequency Range – 470MHz-1GHz
  • RF Interface – BNC
  • Input Impedance – 50 Ohms
  • Standing Wave Ratio – <1.5 (550~750MHz)
  • Gain – Ave +2.2dBi
  • Antenna Polarization – Linear
  • Material – Composite Fiberglass
  • Mount – 1/4″ 20 Threaded Female
  • Size – 19011814mm
  • Weight – 95g (Antenna Only)

Ultra-Wideband Coverage

Deity Butterfly 2

With a frequency range from 470MHz to 1GHz, the BF1 ensures seamless transmission across a wide spectrum, allowing you to capture audio with clarity and precision. Boasting an average gain of +2.2dBi, the BF1 enhances signal reception, making capturing pristine audio in challenging environments more reliable.

Featherlight Construction

BF1 Lifestlye 4

The BF1 ensures portability without compromising on durability or performance. Rated IP65, the BF1 is built to withstand the rigors of professional filmmaking, offering resistance against dust and water.

Precision Mounting

BF1 Antenna Soundbag Lifestlye 1

Equipped with a robust 1/4” 20-threaded metal mount and an articulating mounting arm, the BF1 offers flexible positioning options, allowing you to optimize signal reception with ease.

Polar Patterns and Polarization

Screen Shot 2024 02 21 at 1 59 49 PM

Comprehensive Kit

Each BF1 kit includes a pair of antennas and all the necessary accessories, so you’re ready to tackle any production challenge immediately. The kit features 2 BNC to BNC cables and 2 BNC to Right Angle SMA cables, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wireless systems so you can integrate seamlessly into your existing setup. The included neoprene carrying case provides secure storage and easy transport, ensuring your BF1 stays protected wherever your shoot takes you.

Including Items

Deity Butterfly 4
  • 2x BF1 Antenna
  • 2x Articulating mounting arm
  • 2x BNC to BNC Cables
  • 2x BNC to Right Angle SMA Cables
  • 1x Carrying Case


The Deity Microphones BF1 Passive Omnidirectional Butterfly Antenna retails for $369 and is available for preorder from retailers worldwide or direct from Deity.

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