iFootage highly portable Gazelle TA3B and TC3B Tripods

iFootage has released two new highly portable tripods. The Gazelle TA3B and TC3B Tripods are compact and lightweight. Designed to fit in a backpack or suitcase and includes the Komodo K3 Tripod Head.

Two Versions

Gazelle Tripod Travel Series SKU

The TA3B is made of aluminum:
Retails for $169.00
1500 mm fully open
550 mm closed
weights 1.55 kg
load 3 kg

TA3B is made of light and durable Carbon Fiber:
Retails for $229.00
1400 mm fully open
465 mm closed
weights 1.3 kg
load 3 kg

iFootage Tripods

The new tripods have a maximum load of 5kgs (11 lb). Perfect for a mirrorless camera setup. The system fits most backpacks and standard carry-on luggage, which is great for on-the-go shoots and traveling.

Ergonomic Buckle for Extra Stability

Each leg has an adjustable lock to set the leg spread. Pull the tab and set it to your liking.

Fluid Head Included

includes the Komodo K3 Tripod Head

The Gazelle TA3B and TC3B Tripods include the iFootgae K3 head. This little guy has features similar to a video head, making panning and tilting much faster than a conventional stills ball head.

The head can be swapped out if you prefer a traditional ball type.

Leveling Bowl Mount

A new feature is the built-in leveling bowl mount. This makes leveling the head similar to a video bowl design. Flip the lock off and balance the head, then lock it in. Fast and effective.

Adjustable Legs

The tripods have quick-release levers for fast and secure hold of each section.

The Gazelle TA3B and TC3B Tripods are available direct from iFootage
US Shop: https://www.ifootagegear.com/products…
EU Shop: https://eu.ifootagegear.com/products/…

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