Astera Launches ProjectionLens for its PlutoFresnel

Astera Launches ProjectionLens for its PlutoFresnel PR

Astera has announced the launch of a new ProjectionLens for its battery-powered, PlutoFresnel LED that allows you to convert it into a powerful Profile Spotlight.

The lightweight and portable PlutoFresnel can be transformed in less than a minute by simply slipping on the ProjectionLens. The ProjectionLens has a beam angle range of 16° to 36°. It can be controlled manually by twisting the lens barrel or two Focus Wheels. An E-size Gobo holder also enables custom logo projection.

Astera claims that the ProjectionLens allows for close control of the light over any distance, with crystal clear optics and a four-leaf shutter design to facilitate trimming of the beam.

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If you are not familiar with the PlutoFresnel it utilizes a LED core and concentric circle lens design. It weighs in at 4.6 Kg and has a beam angle of 15° to 60°, with an equivalent output of 300W using only 80W. The Pluto can focus light output perfectly, producing a sharp yet soft beam that is perfect for a variety of applications across film, TV and events.

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