Sony BURANO delayed due to a final adjustment

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If you have been eagerly awaiting the Sony BURANO, you may be waiting longer than you thought to get your hands on one. Allegedly, according to Alister Chapman who posted on the Sony BURANO Facebook User Group, shipments of the camera has been delayed for around month due to some kind of technical/calibration issue. He has since revised his post from technical/calibration issue to final adjustment.

I am not quite sure what final adjustment actually refers to and it could mean numerous things.

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Image credit: Sony

In his original post. Alister, who is a Sony Ambassador, went on to say that camera’s were being recalled and delivery delayed for technical reasons. He has since changed that post.

I have reached out to Sony directly for a comment about the delay and reason behind it and I will post any response I get from Sony.

UPDATE: I got a response back from Sony and they told me the following.

“There is no recall. Sony is adjusting one of the factory settings, which could result in a slight delay in some regions. In your region (Japan), there won’t be a delay.”

In other news, Blackmagic Design just released DaVinci Resolve 18.6.5 was just announced that supports the BURANO’s X-OCN.

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