Sony BURANO Tutorial Videos

Sony has released the first two tutorials in a series of videos for anyone who has pre-ordered a BURANO or is thinking of purchasing one. There are four videos in the series:

  • Camera Configuration
  • Scan Modes and Codecs
  • Lens, Stabilization and Variable ND Filter
  • Fast Hybrid AF

The Camera Configuration and Scan Modes and Codecs episodes are available to watch, but the Lens, Stabilization and Variable ND Filter and Fast Hybrid AF haven’t been released yet.

Camera Configuration

The Camera Configuration tutorial explains a variety of shooting styles for crew shooting / solo shooting and basic camera operation.

  • 0:30 Introduction
  • 0:55 Versatile shooting style overview
  • 2:47 Configurating for a crewed shoot
  • 4:30 Configurating for a solo operation
  • 6:12 Operating the LCD Screen / Intuitive menu control
  • 8:53 Direct Menu
  • 10:35 Mounting the LCD

Scan Modes and Codecs

The Scan Modes and Codecs tutorial explains the types of Image Scan Modes and available Codecs, recording formats that are available in the BURANO.

  • 0:30 Introduction
  • 0:55 Scan Modes and Codecs overview
  • 1:40 Scan Modes
  • 2:07 FF 8.6K Scan
  • 2:25 FF Crop 6K Scan
  • 3:35 Super 35 5.8K Scan
  • 4:45 S35 Crop 4K HFR 120fps
  • 5:37 Future firmware update and Anamorphic lens de-squeeze
  • 6:53 Codecs
  • 7:12 X-OCN LT
  • 8:15 XAVC H
  • 9:28 XAVC-I

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