Nanlux Announces FL-28 Fresnel lens for Evoke LED Spotlights


The new Nanlux FL-28 is a lighter, more compact NL mount Fresnel lens for Evoke series LED spotlights. It is significantly lighter and costs a lot less than the existing Nanlux FL-35 Fresnel Lens.

It was designed with leading gaffers and DPs, it is claimed to offer a high-performance Fresnel solution that is easier to transport and rig. Smaller crews will appreciate the lighter-weight solutions and gaffers working out of trucks will be happy where space is at a premium.

Evoke 1200B LED spotlight

Output & Beam Angle

The FL-28 beam angle can be adjusted from 17° to 43°. When used with the Evoke 1200B LED spotlight, it has a claimed output of 50,330 lux at 3m (5600K, 17° beam angle). With the Evoke 900C, the FL-28 cab produce a claimed output of 38,580 lux at 3m (5600K, 17° beam angle).

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Size & Weight

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The FL-28 weighs 3.86kg / 8.5 lbs and it is 8.51″ / 21.61 cm long. As a comparison, the larger FL-35 weighs 10.84kg / 23.9 lbs and it is 20.7″ / 52.6cm long.

The FL-28 doesn’t use the popular Bowens mount, instead it utilizes the proprietary Nanlux NL mount system, which is encoded so that the Evoke fixture it attaches to knows exactly how to behave and sets the light accordingly.


Even though it was primarily designed for the Evoke 1200, Evoke 1200B, and Evoke 900C, the FL-28 will also work on the most recent Evoke 2400B spotlight, but due to its higher power, the FL-28 will safely restrict the output by about 50% when attached, resulting in a claimed output of 25,610 lux at 3m (5600K, 17° beam angle). NANLUX will soon launch another new Fresnel lens specifically for the Evoke 2400B that makes full use of its higher output.

Price & Availability


The FL-28 retails for $690 USD and will be available in February 2024. It also comes with its own travel case.

As a comparison the existing Nanlux FL-35 Fresnel Lens retails for $1,130 USD.

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