iFootage Anglerfish COB 40° Light Projector Announced

iFootage has released the Anglerfish COB 40° Light Projector. The COB 40° Light Projector has a universal Bowens mount and uses precise shutter control for clean cuts and projections. It’s designed to work with 300W-600W COB Bowens Mount lighting fixtures.

It comes with 16 Gobo options, color gels, and rotatable projection, ensuring pinpoint accuracy; great for photography, filmmaking, or any creative projects.

iFootage Spotlight2

Heat Dissipation

iFootage Spotlight6

The design features an elevated shell to minimize unintended contact. A heat dissipation shield is also integrated into the area, generating heat and preventing excessive temperatures and potential burns for users operating 300W-600W lighting.

40° Lens

The design is a fixed lens type. You can’t swap out the lens for a wide or different degree lens. This isn’t 100% clear from the release notes, so in the future they may have options.

Fully Focausable

iFootage Spotlight4

The Spotlight has a full range of focus adjustments for creating a sharp cut or soft edges.

Rotatable Projection

The iFootage Anglerfish COB 40° Light Projector features a fully rotatable design, so you can control the rotaion/orinataion of the pattern.

40° Lens Performance

iFootage Spotlight0
Screen Shot 2024 01 16 at 6 36 12 PM

The Spotlight has Built-in geometric light effects with various geometric shapes that are integrated into the projector. An Iris ring will be available soon as an accessory.

The iFootage Anglerfish COB 40° Light Projector retails for $349.00 USD and will start shipping soon from retailers worldwide. The kit includes a carrying case.

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