Tilta Modification Kit For Hydra Arm Mini + DJI Ronin 2 Announced

Tilta Hydra mod kir 7

Tilta has announced the first major upgrade to the Hydra Arm Mini, with a Modification Kit that updates the system to be compatible with the DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal Body.

The new components will increase the payload capacity of their system to support payloads between 8kg-13kg or 17.6lb-28.6lbs when using a two-arm configuration. This opens up more possibilities for heavier camera and lens combinations, as well as helps create smoother footage by taking advantage of the stronger motors on larger gimbals like the Ronin 2, which is especially useful at higher speeds.

Tilta Hydra mod kir

included items

  • Shock Absorbing Head
  • Mount Adapter for DJI Ronin
  • Shock Absorbing Spring
  • Support Cable (length 2m)

The first component of the kit is shortened support cables, which will allow users to build the arm with only two pieces. This does limit the reach of the arm, but has an advantage when being used in tight spaces or when navigating environmental hazards.

This two-arm setup will be required to utilize the higher payload capacity needed to support the Ronin 2 properly. 

Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Head

The Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Head now uses Steel Wire to absorb vibration instead of the original Polyurethane material. This means the Shock Absorbing Head is better for heavier payloads and can be easily swapped with the original via a quick-release plate.

Heavy-Duty Spring

One of the most important components of the kit is the heavy-duty spring for the shock-absorbing arm. This spring replaces the original one included with the arm and can support the higher payload.

Lastly, the kit includes a custom designed Ronin 2 Mount for the gimbal body that allows users to quickly and securely mount the gimbal to the head without needing an additional adapter.

Key features

  • Improves Performance of Hydra Arm Mini When Using Heavier Payloads. 
  • Supports Gimbal & Camera Builds Between 8kg-13kg or 17.6lbs-28.6lbs 
  • Improves Flexibility for Shooting in Tight Spaces or Navigating Environmental Hazards
  • Kit Can Be Installed or Uninstalled Quickly for Maximum Flexibility
  • Mounting Plate for the DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal Body Does Not Require Additional Mounting Accessories

The kit retails for $659 USD and is available for preorder directly from Tilta.

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