Canon FD 35-105 f3.5 Multi-Format Zoom


Ancient Optics has introduced its latest Multi-Format Zoom lens that is based on the vintage, full frame, Canon FD 35-105 f3.5.

By simply swapping out the focus, zoom, and iris scales and adding the LPL hard mount with a built in focal reducer you can transform the lens into a Canon FD 24-75 f2.6 with S35 sensor coverage. All it requires is a screwdriver and about 10 minutes to do the swap.

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The FD 35-105 f3.5 features a fairly unique iris that compensates through out the zoom range to achieve a constant aperture during zooming. Ancient Optics decided to keep the original 5 blade iris because of this and because of the unique pentagon shape it produces.

Screenshot 2024 01 02 at 18 04 29

The Canon FD 35-105 is being touted as a good option if you are looking for a vintage mid-range zoom to pair with full frame prime lenses from the 1970’s.

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The lens is said to be sharp in the center with a moderate fall off towards the corners. Canon S.S.C. coatings produce gold and blue flares. The close focus has been dramatically improved from 4’6″to 2’9″.

@old_fast_glass will have the first lens available for rent in the coming weeks and you can reach out to them to schedule a test shoot in their lens studio or to book the lens on your next project.

You can contact Ancient Optics directly on Instagram for any and all purchase information. Or send them an email at [email protected].

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