VILTROX E-T10 II Sony E-mount Auto Focus Adapter For Z CAM E2-F6

Viltrox Sony E mount TN

Viltrox has updated its E-mount for the Z Cam with the new E-T10 II adapter. This version is for the Z Cam E2 F6 and other models with a swappable lens mount. The mount allows full functionality of Sony E Lenses, including autofocus.

EXIF Support

Viltrox Sony E mount 2

Since the adapter is fully electronic, it passes through the aperture, shutter, ISO, and other lens information to the Z Cam.

The installation process looks to be straightforward by simply removing the original mount’s four screws and replacing them with the E-T10 II. The mount is also firmware updatable.

The mount is available direct from Viltrox for $199.

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