Aputure Spotlight Max Now Available For Purchase

Following the pre-order for the Aputure Electro Storm announcement earlier this week, Aputure announced that the Spotlight Max is now available for purchase directly from Aputure and retailers worldwide. They could take a few days to pop up at some retailers.

The projection mount modifier can be paired with any Bowens Mount Light Storm LED 600W and above. This means it won’t work with the Light Storm C300 series.

The Spotlight Max is a Bowens mount projection spotlight designed to be used with high-output LED point source lamps between 600W and 2600W of output such as the LS 600d Pro and the ElectroStorm XT26. With custom precision optics, the Spotlight Max concentrates and efficiently blends light into a single, clean beam while maintaining its light source’s color accuracy and mitigating chromatic aberration. The use of telecentric optical elements in the Spotlight Max ensures that the difference of the output field angle and beam angle are minimized, resulting in an illumination circle with even edge-to-edge light distribution, without any hotspots.


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Since the debut of the Spotlight Max at Cine Gear 2023 in LA, Aputure received a lot of interest in the product and feedback.

  • Enhanced optical clarity: Adjusted custom-designed Spotlight Max lenses, applying high-temperature-resistant matte paint around the lens assembly. This further improves our lenses’ optical clarity and reduces light spill for a cleaner illumination circle.
  • Reducing Stray Reflections: Redesigned the paint finish of the internal lens barrels with a more matte finish to reduce stray reflections and spill light further.
  • Safety first: Added two eyebolts to the Spotlight Max for attaching safety chains or other security mechanisms to enhance safety during usage.
  • Go-between-optics refinements: Made tweaks to the construction of the Iris and gobos for a more matte and premium finish, prioritizing optical quality.

These updates highlight the direct customer feedback that led to these optimizations.

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Key features

  • Projector Lens Modifier for High-Powered Bowens Mount LED Fixtures
  • 19º / 36º / 50º Lenses Available
  • Compatible with ETC Projection Lenses Via Separately Available ETC Lens Adapter
  • Custom Precision Optics With Minimal Chromatic Aberration and Color Shift
  • Efficient Light-Blending Optical Design for Compatibility with Full-Color Fixtures
  • Telecentric Element Groups for Even Edge-to-Edge Light Distribution and Minimal Distortion of Illumination Circle
  • Spotlight Max Iris is Separately Available for Fine Tune Control of Illumination Circle Size
  • Advanced Internal Matting Minimizes Light Leaks Within the Projector Barrel
  • Detachable Yoke for Ultimate Rigging Flexibility
  • Included Rotatable Gobo Clip Compatible with A and B-Size Gobos along with Rosco Metal and Glass Gobos
  • Rotatable Gobo Clip Allows for Easy Adjustment of Light Texture
  • Built-In 4-Leaf Cutter for Precise and Subtle Light Shaping
  • Durable All-Metal Build
  • Included Flight Case for Maximum Protection

To maximize compatibility, the Spotlight Max comes with a durable Bowens mount and may be used with a separately available ETC Lens Adapter, allowing the Spotlight Max to be paired with any Bowens mount fixture on the market and ETC projection lenses. The Spotlight Max includes a reinforced hard rolling case, making transportation and storage easy and safe.

What’s Included

Screen Shot 2023 12 14 at 9 25 39 AM

Spotlight Max 19º Photometrics

Screen Shot 2023 12 14 at 9 26 59 AM

Spotlight Max 36º Photometrics

Screen Shot 2023 12 14 at 9 26 45 AM

Spotlight Max 50º Photometrics

Screen Shot 2023 12 14 at 9 28 13 AM
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Pricing & Availability

The Spotlight Max includes the following configurations and accessories:

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Spotlight Max Lens Kits and Irises are available now, with additional lenses, ETC Adapters, and 10-piece Gobo Kits available in January 2024.

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