Aputure Electro Storm Pre-order, Pricing, & Availability

The Aputure Electro Storm was first shown at Cine Gear 2023. Check out the full coverage of the release and the video below for more info on the new lights. Today, Aputure announced its availability and pricing.

Since the first showing at Cine Gear and several demos, Aputure took suggestions and spent time with their product development team to make additional refinements, and it’s now ready to roll!

Electro Storm Updates

  • True 0.1% Dimming: Both fixtures now feature enhanced low-end dimming capabilities, providing greater control and precision in lighting intensity.
  • Unified Head Cables: The Electro Storm CS15 and XT26 now utilize the same 15m head cables for interchangeable use and replacement in the field.
  • Improved Ergonomics, Motor Control, & Optical Quality: The F14 Fresnel now boasts a longer yoke for better ergonomics, smoother & more reliable motor control, and new front optics for more precise light output.
  • Smoother Control & More Mounting Solutions: The Motorized Yoke has been refined with more fine-tuned motor control for smoother pan and tilt movements, alongside the addition of truss hooks to complement the Junior Pin (28mm) mounting options.
IMG 2779

Pricing & Availability

You can pre-order direct from Aputure with a deposit for your pre-order of your Electro Storm CS15 for $200. Estimated shipping time of first 20pcs: End of February 2024

Reflectors for the Electro Storm CS15 & XT26

IMG 2991
  • Reflector Kit (Includes a Flight Case, Narrow, & Wide Reflectors): $785
  • Narrow-angle Reflector: $345
  • Medium-angle Reflector: $275
  • Wide-angle Reflector: $225

Both Electro Storm fixtures are available in regional plug and no plug (bare ends) variants. The expected shipment date for the first Electro Storm series product batch is Q1 2024.

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