Kinefinity KineOS 7.2 Firmware Update

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The Kinefinity KineOS 7.2 firmware update introduces full-resolution, full-frame rate Pre-roll function support, up to 30 seconds, which is very handy for certain shooting applications such as wildlife or events.

This firmware update also brings a significant change to the file system by adopting the exFAT file system. This not only ensures cross-platform compatibility but is also claimed to deliver up to a 30% increase in write speeds.

Additionally, there is now support for the Active E Mount which supports electronic control and metadata recording for E-mount lenses when using any MAVO Edge/MAVO mark2 camera that is running KineOS 7.2.

The firmware update also includes various small yet highly useful optimizations such as a 25% improvement in boot-up speed, the option to delete the last clip, movement in 4 directions for the zoom focus indicator, SDI external timecode, and more. The improvement in boot-up time is very welcome as the Kinrefinity cameras are very slow to get up and running.

The firmware was actually available at the start of November, but we didn’t cover it at the time.

Pre-roll Function

Extended 30-second Pre-roll: There is now a pre-recording duration of up to 30 seconds and it supports pre-recording at full resolution and full frame rates for all encodings, ensuring no loss of any unpredictable, crucial shots.

Pre-roll User Interface: This user interface provides guidance and instructions for setting up the pre-roll functionality

I tested this out, and the pre-roll time you get depends on the resolution and recording codec you choose. If you are recording full 6K Open Gate in ProRes 4444 the pre-recording is limited to 2 seconds. You can, however, record 4K UHD in full frame in ProRes 4444 and get 30 seconds of pre-roll.

Kinefinity 01

There does seem to be a small bug where it allows you to change the pre-roll time, but the time you actually can get is reflected differently in the status menu on the screen.

ExFAT File System

The specially optimized ExFAT file system eliminates waiting times, providing enhanced work efficiency and a 30% increase in maximum write speeds.

It also provides cross-platform compatibility by allowing you to work with both Windows and MAC.

Active E Mount Adaptation

With Active E Mount Adaptation, users now have comprehensive control over iris, focus, and servo zoom.

In line with Cooke/i protocol cinema lenses, the Active E-mount can instantly display iris, focal length, and precise focus, saving this information to the footage. Whether for on-set playback or post-production, all material includes corresponding lens data, adding convenience to the post-production process.

Other Features & Improvements

This firmware update also optimizes various small yet very useful features, enhancing the user experience.

1) Improved system startup time, resulting in a 25% increase in boot speed.

2) Add an option to delete the last recorded clip.

3) Allow movement in four directions for the Zoom focus indicator.

4) Support the display of external timecode on SDI output.

5) Enhanced stability when recording at high frame rates and high resolutions.

6) Revise the naming conventions for LUT (Look-Up Table) files.

 (LUT Naming Requirement: KC_Rec709_Gamma24_name (number or letter).cube     Example: KC_Rec709_Gamma24_Neutm123.cube)

7) The e-ND will now retain the previous setting when reactivated.

Bug Fixes

1) Fixes an issue where some parameters on the side screen may not display correctly.

2) Fixes an issue where adjusting certain parameters in the app is not enabled correctly.

3) Fixes an issue where the indicator box might display information with the incorrect system language.

4) Fixes an issue where the SDI output image might display inaccurate color.

5) Fixes an issue where some default parameters are not correct after restoring factory settings.

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