DIY solution to attach an SSD and filter to the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro is the most exciting iPhone release to date. Okay, maybe I should be a bit more clear. It’s the best one for us filmmakers. I recently upgraded mainly because of two things. The Blackmagic Camera app and the ability to shoot ProRes Log. These two combined make the mobile device a powerful camera in your pocket.

Like all things that are not specifically designed to be a camera or video production tool, modifying it to work requires some work, and that means a rig of some kind or a little DIY.

iPhone 15 Pro DIY

A big issue is if you shoot outside, you won’t be able to keep the shutter at 180 degree as it will probably be overexposed, so you end up using the shutter to adjust exposure. An ND filter outside is a must, but without a dedicated case and mount for filters, it can be problematic.

Well, Sherif, over on his YouTube channel, The DP Journey, came up with a very clean DIY design to attach an SSD and a filter. Go to his channel for all the links to his DIY build. Nice work, Sherif!

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