RØDE Wireless PRO Firmware Update adds Variable High-Pass Filter & more

RØDE has a new update for the Wireless Pro system. The new Features include Two-Step High Pass Filter, the ability to disable Timeout on the TX, Disable Plug-in Power Detect, and Compatibility with RØDE Series IV Wireless Devices.

Two-Step High Pass Filter

Rode Wireless Pro 17

The Two-Step High Pass Filter can be added in either 75hz or 100hz in the RØDE Central app. The filter removes lower frequencies of the audio signal. The filter helps tame audio rumble from wind noise.

Rode Wireless Pro 15

Timeout Feature

Rode Wireless Pro 14

The Timeout feature can now be disabled. This feature will let you choose whether you want to have the transmitter power off after 15 minutes of non-use.

Rode Wireless Pro 13

Disable Plug-in Power Detect

Rode Wireless Pro 10

This is a handy feature. When you turn your camera on and off, the RX will also follow the power. This feature can now be disabled.

Fully Compatible with Other RØDE Products

Rode Wireless Pro 6

You can now use the Wireless Go II, Wireless ME, and Rodecasters with the Wireless Pro.

Rode Wireless Pro 20

To update, use the RØDE Central App.
It’s important to note you need to have all three Wireless Pro devices updated, or they will not work. The best practice is to use the included charging case and plug it into the computer while running the RØDE Central app. Check out the USER GUIDE for more info.

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