Ancient Optics Lomography Petzvalux


The new Lomography Petzvalux lenses feature an updated optical design and the 27mm has improved sharpness, distortion, sensor coverage, flare quality, and minimum focus. They also refined the exterior design with an elegant Lomography logo.

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This special five-lens set of user tunable, full frame, cinema primes allows cinematographers to dial in their own look in real time. By simply turning the “Bokeh Control” ring you can tune the lens to your liking. Results are repeatable with strength settings from 1 to 7.

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The lenses are available in the following focal lengths:

  • 27mm T1.7
  • 38mm T1.7
  • 55mm T1.7
  • 80mm T1.9
  • 120mm T1.9
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All the focal lengths share the same Lomography Petzval DNA, so characteristics like center sharpness, field distortion, color rendition and flare qualities remain consistent from one lens to the next. All lenses have
330-degree focus rotation, 15-blade circular iris, and stainless steel LPL mounts. Elegant brass accent rings pay homage to the legendary all brass Petzval lens from 1840.

It was 183 years ago when a man named Joseph Petzval transformed the art of photography forever. Inventing the world’s first portrait lens. his innovative wide-aperture design enabled photographers to properly expose a single frame of film in 30 seconds rather than 10 minutes. This single optical advancement would lay the foundation for modern photography as we know it. Ancient Optics in collaboration with Lomography has reignited the revolution sparked by Lomography in 2013 by reinventing Petzval’s signature optical design for modern photography with SLR and full-frame mirrorless cameras, and bringing this famous Petzval lens design to the world of cinematography.

Ancient Optics is now taking deposits. Delivery will be 3-6 months. Limited quantity…first come, first served.

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Old Fast Glass already has the first and only set of Lomography Petzvalux. You can contact them for a rental quote today.

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