Ambient Lockit Timecode & Sync Family Firmware Updates

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Ambient has released a major firmware update for its Lockit Timecode and Sync family. The new firmware includes an improved TX Mode, an Offset feature, and more remote control options.

Improved TX Mode (NanoLockit, Lockit, LockitSlate, Lockit+)

You can now choose an external device to be the Master Clock on set and broadcast Timecode & Framerate through ACN

  • The TX Master will automatically adapt its speed to the LTC Timecode source
  • Lockit devices in the same ACN channel will automatically follow the TX Master

Offset Feature (Lockit, LockitSlate, Lockit+)

There are cameras that always lag behind for one or more frames even though they get the correct timecode fed in. With the new firmware update, you can now use the new Offset feature to solve that issue.

  • Adjust Offset individually for each device – directly in the display menu
  • Timecode and Sync Offset will be applied for all hardware outputs

More Remote Control Options (Lockit+)

In the Lockit+ Web Interface you now can also adjust the Sync parameters and the Offset settings of all Lockit devices.

Other New Features

  • Enhanced Compare Mode in the web interface. Analyze the LTC-input and compare it to the internal Lockit generator
  • Lens Data: fix timeout when initializing connection

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