Tilta Pro Articulating Arm & Micro Articulating Arm


Tilta has unveiled its new Pro Articulating Arm and Micro Articulating Arms. These two new accessories build upon the success of the popular Tilta Mini Articulating Arm. These new additions to the Tilta Gear Lab lineup are claimed to offer even greater versatility and functionality.

Tilta Pro Articulating Arm

The Pro Articulating Arm features a maximum payload capacity of 11 lbs / 4.98 kg, and it weighs 11oz / 311.8g. The Pro Articulating Arm enables users to mount a wide range of accessories such as external monitors, wireless video transmitters, electronic viewfinders, etc. onto their camera cages your other equipment.

The textured ball heads offer anti-twist support and they are equipped with quick locking functionality via a single tie-down screw. The arm arm allows for quick repositioning of accessories while claiming to maintain secure and synchronized locking of all axes.

The Pro Articulating Arm is available in two versions, with 1/4″-20 with Locating Points or NATO Receivers.

The Basic Tilta Pro Articulating Arm can be pre-ordered for $44 USD. The Tilta Pro Articulating Arm With Dual NATO Attachments is also $44 USD.

Tilta Micro Articulating Arm

The Tilta Micro Articulating Arm is a lightweight option for mounting various accessories to camera rigs. It weighs 3.24oz / 92g/, but Tilta doesn’t list what the payload capacity is.

The arm features an aluminum and stainless steel construction. The universal 1/4″-20 to 1/4″-20 design means it is compatible with a wide range of standard accessories. The adjustable design allows users to secure accessories in their desired positions.

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The Tilta Micro Articulating Arm is now available to pre-order for just $17 USD, which is a saving of 10% up until October 16th. It is expected to start shipping in 2-3 weeks.

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