REDUCATION October 16-18th in Los Angeles

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RED Digital Cinema is holding a REDUCATION event in Los Angeles on October 16-18th. This is real-world training conducted by industry professionals for all levels, from students to pros. You will also learn the full RED RAW workflow, from capture to post.

What will be covered:

  • Hands-on w/ RED V-RAPTOR, KOMODO, & KOMODO-X.
  • Master exposure, composition, R3D files, color, rigging, and aerials.

The event costs $1,500 USD to attend and it will take place at Dynamic Rentals which is at 4131 Vanowen Street #1st Floor Burbank, CA 91505 United States.

There will be a mix of classroom training and hands on with RED RAPTOR, KOMODO and KOMODO-X with a focus on exposure, image composition, R3D file management, color, rigging and aerials.

Technology Futurist and RED workflow pioneer, Michael Cioni, will speak to the future of workflow and working entirely in the cloud.

REDucation Curriculum and Instructor team includes:

William Donaruma, a Professor of The Practice in Filmmaking at the University of Notre Dame

Ivan Agerton, a photographer and cinematographer focused on documentary and wildlife storytelling

Keaton Bowlby, a cinematographer and a camera movement specialist

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