Nextorage CFexpress Type A Memory Card NX-A1PRO Series/NX-A1SE Series Now On Sale

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Camera performance continues to evolve, and image quality and resolution increase. Nextorage released the CFexpress Type A memory cards to meet the needs for recording video and still images at the highest image quality. Expanding its product portfolio for professional imaging with the addition of CFexpress Type A memory cards to its existing SD memory card and CFexpress Type B memory card products.

Nextorage CFexpress Type A

NX-A1PRO series


The NX-A1PRO series is a CFexpress Type A memory card designed for professional users who handle high-speed continuous shooting and high bit-rate video. Best-in-class write/read speeds.

The maximum transfer rate of 950 MB/s for both write and read, the highest level in its class, and the minimum continuous write speed of 850 MB/s are achieved. The number of consecutive shots possible during high-speed continuous shooting has been increased, and the buffer memory release time has been shortened. This reduces the number of missed shots.

Dynamic Auto Power Save is a unique low-power consumption technology that stabilizes video recording. Nextorage’s unique power-saving technology, “Dynamic Auto Power Save,” reduces power consumption by up to 88% compared to the case without. In addition to reducing power consumption during video recording, thermal throttling is also suppressed by reducing the temperature rise of the card itself. Thermal throttling is a control function that attenuates the transfer rate to prevent thermal runaway.

This enables stable video recording. It also reduces the camera’s battery consumption, which contributes to extending the available shooting time. VPG400 compliant, as required for professional video shooting.

All capacities comply with the Video Performance Guarantee VPG400 (minimum guaranteed continuous write speed: 400 MB/s). It has the specifications required for professional video recording.

There is an abundant lineup of capacities for various applications.
80 GB/160 GB capacity lineup for high-speed continuous shooting of still images and VPG200. 320 GB/640 GB is available for video shooting, requiring high capacity.

NX-A1SE series

NX A1SE1920G

The NX-A1SE series is a CFexpress Type A memory card for video creators who shoot long, high-quality videos with best-in-class write/read speeds and a class-leading maximum write/read transfer rate of 950 MB/s. Reduces data transfer time after shooting. High-capacity lineup for long-time video recording. The high-capacity lineup of 480 GB,960 GB and 1,920 GB supports long-time movie recording, and is ideal for switching from SD cards, as it dramatically improves shooting time and data transfer speeds compared to SDXC UHS-II memory cards. VPG200 is compliant for stable, high-quality video recording.

All capacities comply with the Video Performance Guarantee VPG200 (guaranteed minimum continuous write speed: 200 MB/s). It has the specifications required for professional video recording.

Pricing and Available

The NXA1PRO & A1SE series will be available at Amazon.com Nextorage store.

NX-A1PRO Series

  • NX-A1PRO640G $749.99
  • NX-A1PRO320G $439.99
  • NX-A1PRO160G $229.99
  • NX-A1PRO80G $164.99
  • NX-A1PRO40G $89.99

NX-A1SE series

  • NX-A1SE1920G $899.99
  • NX-A1SE960G $499.99
  • NX-A1SE480GB $199.99

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