Xeen Adds 14mm T2.6 and 24mm T1.3 Lenses to Meister Line

The Xeen Meister lenses are high-end full-frame cinema lenses from Xeen. They are designed for sharpness and consistency throughout the lineup. Today, Xeen introduced two new lenses to the Meister line with a 14mm T2.6 and 24mm T1.3.

Xeen Specifications

Xeen Meister spec 1
Xeen Meister spec 2

The lenses are fast. All of them are T1.3 except the new 14mm T2.6. XEEN Meister supports 8K high-resolution full-frame cameras. The lenses feature a 13-blade aperture that creates a nice circular bokeh.

Xeen Meister 1

The PL mount lenses support /i Technology to automatically record accurate Lens Meta Data. The front of the barrel is made of Titanium, making it highly durable. The front diameter is a standard size of 114mm, and the focus ring and aperture ring positions are unified, making it easy to attach and detach accessories such as Matte Box and Follow Focus.

Xeen Meister 2

The lenses are available in PL, Canon EF, and Sony E mounts. The mounts are not interchangeable. The focus rotation is a wide 300°.

Xeen Meister 4

All scales, including focal length and aperture value, are treated with bright luminous paint, making it convenient to use even in low-light environments. Focus and aperture values ​​are indicated on both sides of the lens, making them easy to check and operate from either side. Xeen states the lenses control internal reflection, flare, and ghost with X-coating.

Xeen Meister 3

Avaible Focal lenghts

  • XEEN Meister 14mm T2.6
  • XEEN Meister 24mm T1.3
  • XEEN Meister 35mm T1.3
  • XEEN Meister 50mm T1.3
  • XEEN Meister 85mm T1.3

Each lens retails for $5995 US.

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