Samyang V-AF Series Anamorphic Adapter Prototype shown at IBC 2023

The big news is that Samyang, also known as Rokinon, has a prototype Anamorphic adapter that utilizes the mount on the front of the V-AF lens. Cool right? Let’s back up a bit.

Samyang Lens Accessories Still 3

Samyang has had the Samyang Cine AF V-AF series E-Mount lenses out for a while. These are interesting lenses as they have a front adapter with LDS pins that allow the use of the Samyang Manual Focus Adapter with included gears. This turns the lens into somewhat of a cine-style lens capable of being used with a follow focus.

The adapter locks into place, and when attached, it changes the function of the focus ring on the lens to an iris ring. Now, the adapter is used to focus.

Samyang Lens Accessories Still 5

With this functionality, Samyang could design a 1.7 squeeze Anamorphic adapter that mounts similar to the manual focus adapter. Mark from Xeen states the coating gives off a nice blue streak look to it. The prototype will have proper gears on it, and the look and feel will be different, but the design works, and Samyang is targeting a release within a year.

Samyang Lens Accessories Still 8

The Anamorphic adapter will work with all the existing Samyang VA-F Series E-Mount lenses. Pricing has not been set. However, you can bet it will be more on the affordable side. Possibly $800 to $1000. I am looking forward to seeing this as a production model.

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