Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 22,000+ lux Light First Look at IBC 2023

Rotolight is previewing the long-awaited ANOVA PRO 3 at IBC 2023. The light will also go live with a Kickstarter campaign on October 12th. The full features will be revealed at the launch on October 12th; however, at IBC, I was given a first look, and the fixture has some impressive features.

Features stated by Rotolight include a “best-in-class” output of 22,000+ lux, with a power draw of 200 watts. This makes it possible to power the fixture with V-Mount batteries for remote applications.

Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 electronic diffusion 3

This output equates to more than twice the output of both previous generations of ANOVA lights and even the Rotolight AEOS 2 PRO. Packed full of innovative and time-saving features, including IP65 weather resistance, native full power V-Lock battery operation, touchscreen display, ‘Magic eye’ optical light sensor, app control & built-in lumen radio CRMX.

Electronic Diffusion

Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 electronic diffusion
Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 electronic diffusion 1

The new fixtures feature an electronic diffusion that softens the light. This is dialed in to adjust the amount needed. It has approximately 1.5 stops of diffusion. The electronic diffusion is powered with a simple cable to the back of the fixture, making it very unobtrusive.

Building on the legacy of the Rotolight ANOVA PRO series, as used by broadcasters and global studios, including Amazon Studios, Netflix, BBC, ITV, and RAI on movies including Ghostbusters, After Life, and Amazon’s ‘The Expanse,’ the ANOVA PRO 3 is the 5th generation in the popular ANOVA series and has been developed from a full 12 years of user feedback and market-leading R&D, marking significant developments for creatives everywhere.

Screens 9

The new Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 is not shipping and is available on Kickstarter. Once the campaign is finished, the light will retail for approximately $3000 US.

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