Laowa Ranger Lite Cine Zooms

laowa 2

Laowa has announced a special edition of their Ranger Zoom Lens Series that they are calling Ranger Lite.

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As the name suggests, Ranger Lite is more lightweight than the current Ranger lenses because they are made with magnalium, a material that is known for its great strength. Magnalium is used heavily in aircraft and automobile parts. Laowa doesn’t list or say just how much lighter the Ranger Lite lenses are compared to the existing Ranger zooms.

The housing of the new Ranger lenses is in a modern space grey, which according to Laowa, makes them more appealing when paired with cine cameras.

Laowa 28 75mm T2 9 75 180mm T2 9 Ranger Full Frame Zooms 01 02

I reviewed the Laowa Ranger zooms recently on the site and you can see that review here.

Both the standard version and the lightweight versions will be on show at Hall 12 Stand H56 at IBC Amsterdam from 15-18th September 2023.

The Ranger Lite lenses are expected to be available in Nov 2023, although there is no current information on pricing.

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