Kinefinity KineOS 7.2 Firmware

me6k Cooke SP3

Kinefinity has announced the KineOS 7.2 firmware update for a range of cameras, including MAVO Edge 8K, MAVO Edge 6K, MAVO mark2 S35, and MAVO mark2 LF. It isn’t available to download yet, but it should be available soon.


So what is new?

ExFAT file system

Screen Shot 2023 09 14 at 16 06 11

This firmware update introduces the adoption of the versatile and efficient exFAT file system. With optimized and improved logic, this exFAT file system is tailor-made for cinema camera workflow and film production, allowing the recording of high-resolution, high-frame-rate 8K/6K video. Compared to previous file systems, it offers a notable 20%-30% boost in maximum write speed, ensuring smoother footage capture.

The universal exFAT file system also resolves compatibility issues between Windows and MAC systems, enhancing convenience for both on-set and post-production workflows.

Pre-Roll Feature

Screen Shot 2023 09 14 at 16 04 00

KineOS 7.2 also introduces a pre-recording feature. You can now pre-record for up to 6 seconds in 8K 25P ProRes4444 or 30 seconds of 4K 25P ProRes4444.

Electronic E-Mount Lens Support

Screen Shot 2023 09 14 at 16 01 37

Kinefinity cameras equipped with KineOS 7.2 feature Kinefinty Active E-Mount, enabling direct control of e-mount lens aperture, zoom, focus, and optical image stabilization, significantly boosting working efficiency.

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