MRMC SR-1 Small Robotic Head

MRMC has unveiled its SR-1 Small Robotic Head. The SR-1 is a new pan-tilt head that was made for professional photography and videography.

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It was designed to be used in locations that are difficult for camera operators to access, and it looks like a good remote production tool that allows users to capture new angles and achieve shots that would be difficult to do by hand.

The SR-1 system is camera and lens-agnostic, so users can also use it with a variety of different equipment.

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Key features


Payload Capacity & Weight

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The SR-1 was designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible so that it is easy to transport and set up. It is compatible with a range of mirrorless hybrid cameras and smaller-sized digital cinema cameras, and it can support a payload of up to 4kg / 8.81 lb. The head has an axis speed of 30 degrees per second and a pan range of -/+ 120 degrees.

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The actual weight of the SR-1 with its roll axis is 6.1 kg / 13 lb.


The SR-1 has full IP control, and it is controllable via MHC or third-party systems. It is also compatible with Polymotion Chat automated tracking software.

Using limb and face detection software Polymotion Chat tracks subject movements and provides stable and natural-looking content. The camera agnostic automated subject tracking system is available for multiple broadcast and capture scenarios with 3 different solutions available.

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Polymotion Chat’s computer vision engine detects limbs and builds a stick model to enable it to track subjects. This not only means the camera tracking system creates high-quality broadcast level output (without losing resolution — like some pan and scan systems), but it is more reliable than other facial tracking solutions and is able to deal with occlusion — such as people crossing in front of each other. The system can be designed to work at any level, from simple 3 camera control for live streaming and conference events, through to multi-camera productions for broadcast. Polymotion Chat integrates with MRMC robotic heads and third party PTZs and studios systems.

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MRMC’s studio control software allows for multiple camera positions to be easily controlled from a single operator and pre-programmed moves and positions are executable via a simple touch screen interface.


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