Module 8’s Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments

Module 8 has officially announced its new Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments. These tuners come in three different versions to create different looks. The Module 8 Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments were first shown as prototypes at NAB earlier in the year.

So what exactly do Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments actually do? Well, essentially they are rear lens mounts that are designed to mimic vintage lenses from the past.

The three different Tuners available are :

  • L1
  • L2
  • L3
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The L1 tuner was inspired by the Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar lenses from the 50s. These lenses were used in films like The Godfather and Birds. the L1 is claimed to emulate the same soft, warm glow with a creamy halation across the entire frame.

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The L2 tuner was inspired by Canon’s K-35 lens, which were used on films such as Alien and American Hustle. The L2 Tuner is claimed to emulate a calm glow with softer skin tones at the center of the frame and a slight roll-off.

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The L3 tuner is inspired by the lens designer Iain A. Neill and adopts the characteristics of a classic anamorphic lens,­ such as the unique depth of field. It features a retroscope look with strong astigmatism at the edges and a wide aperture range.

Screenshot 2023 09 07 at 5 25 42 PM

All three Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments feature an optical glass construction with aluminum cases, standard 0.8 MOD gearing, a 70° adjustment range, and a 1/4″-20 support bracket thread. There is also a USB port on the tuner that allows you to perform firmware updates.

The Tuners feature Module 8 VariTune technology, which allows you to avoid actual detuning of your lens. Detuning takes a long time to experiment with different looks, only supports high-end PL mount lenses, and doesn’t support autofocus lenses. When using the Tuner with your own lens, VariTune technology allows you to set up the look you want in minutes, supports EF and PL mounts, allows you to tune an unlimited number of looks, and supports autofocus.

The L1, L2, and L3 tuners are available in ARRI PL and Canon EF lens-mount variations, but there is also an option so you can use them with Canon RF or Sony E mount mirrorless camera.

Screenshot 2023 09 07 at 5 24 39 PM

Now, the catch is, currently the tuners are only compatible with Canon, Tamron, and Sigma lenses.

Price & Availability

The prices are listed below and they are now available to pre-order.

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