Bright Tangerine Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box & Accessories

Bright Tangerine has announced the Misfit Kick Mk II multi-configurable matte box system. This is an upgraded version of the Misfit Kick matte box, and it features an improved tool-less transition from 2- to 3-stage filter applications and a redesigned spring system in the core unit.

It has been more than three years since Bright Tangerine unveiled the original MisFit Kick matte box.

I reviewed the Bright Tangerine MisFit Kick back in early 2020.

The Misfit Kick Mk II uses a core unit, just like the previous Misfit Kick, that can be configured as a clip-on, rod-mounted, or swing-away matte box, depending on your requirements.

You can fit up to three 4 x 4″ or 4 x 5.65″ filter trays or the ONE tray without extra hardware or tools. A redesigned spring system creates a positive locking position for the trays to ensure your filters are loaded safely. The filter trays included with the Mk II drop are backward compatible with the previous model.

Screen Shot 2023 09 01 at 17 09 48

When you require additional filtration, add the Rubber Donut or Black Hole to accommodate a 138mm round filter. This is great for adding a diopter or circular polarizer, which can be easily rotated to achieve your desired angle.

New Quick Release Top Flag with Torsion Plate

Screen Shot 2023 09 01 at 17 01 20

There is now a distinct difference if you look closely at the new mounting mechanism for the top flag compared to how it previously was. It can now be installed in a matter of seconds by simply aligning the notches and tightening the two large thumbscrews.

Screen Shot 2023 09 01 at 17 12 50

Another new enhancement is the introduction of the Torsion Plate on the flags. This addition spans the entire length of the flag, effectively absorbing and dampening vibrations that could potentially impact the setup.

Screen Shot 2023 09 01 at 17 00 06

The Misfit Kick Mk II is available in various kit configurations with a variety of accessories. The Base Kit includes the core unit and two 4 x 5.65″/4 x 4″ filter trays. The 2-Stage Kit adds a Carbon Fiber Top Flag for improved control over sun flares, while the 3-Stage Kit adds a third filter tray. The 2-Stage ONE Tray Matte Box Kit and 3-Stage ONE Tray Matte Box Kit include the same accessories as the aforementioned kits, along with a ONE Tray, which expands filter compatibility to allow you to use 138mm round filters.

Screen Shot 2023 09 01 at 17 03 41

Users have the flexibility to customize the Misfit Kick Mk II according to their preferences, whether they opt for a compact handheld setup or expand it with swing-away and studio support options.

Other Accessories

Accessories that are compatible with the new Mk II include a Carbon Fiber Bottom Flag and optional Frame-Safe Clamp Adapters.

Price & Availability

The Misfit Kick Mk II is now shipping and can be ordered directly from the Bright Tangerine website. The MISFIT KICK MK II BASE KIT costs $997 USD.

You can enjoy the convenience of free shipping and take advantage of our 30-day free returns. Alternatively, you can also find it at authorized dealers near you.

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