Laowa 65mm & 80mm 1.5x T2.4 Nanomorph & 1.33X FRONT Anamorphic Adapter

Laowa has added two more focal lengths to its Nanomorph 1.5X Anamorphic Series, a 65mm T2.4 and an 80mm T2.4.

Amber PL EF Group

The new 65mm and 80mm lenses join the existing 27mm, 35mm and 50mm focal lengths in the series.

Both lenses offer the same amber, blue, and silver cinematic flare options as with the other focal lengths in the series, and they also share a very close-focusing distance of 2’3” / 70cm.

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Additionally, Laowa is also releasing its new 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter, which can be used with the existing Nanomorph to achieve a constant 2X squeeze ratio or to pair with spherical lenses. The minimum focus distance for the adapter is 2’4” / 73cm. It comes with step-up rings from 55mm, 62mm and 77mm for adaptation on the Nanomorph mirrorless and PL/EF versions or other spherical lenses.

The Nanomorph series is designed for use with Super35(APS-C) and Micro Four Thirds cameras. The 65mm and 80mm can cover 4K resolution 16:9 UHD on cameras such as the Sony FX3, A7S3, and FX6, with only slight vignetting due to their larger image circle.

1 PL EF Group

To avoid squeeze ratio variations across different focus distances, Laowa developed a patented anamorphic design, to give the lenses mumps-free characteristics with claimed excellent optical performance. This design also keeps the lenses very compact. The Nanomorphs feature a 1.5X squeeze ratio to achieve a good balance between the lens size, the desired anamorphic look, and the use of the sensor image. De-squeezing the footage shot with these lenses produces a 2.66:1 ratio on a 16:9 sensor.

Laowa currently offers two versions of the Nanomorph lens:

Mirrorless version with Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon Z, L mount, Fuji X mount, DL, and MFT. All mounts are interchangeable and can be purchased separately for $50 USD each.

The PL/EF version with both bayonets is included in the package. The mounts can be changed by the user. However, due to the lens design, PL/EF version cannot be interchanged with mirrorless bayonets.

1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter

The new 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter allows the Laowa Nanomorph to achieve a constant 2X squeeze ratio. The adapter will work well with 4:3 or 6:5 sensors for creating 2.66:1 or 2.4:1 aspect ratio footage after de-squeeze. When paired with the new Nanomorph 65/80mm, it can cover full-frame sensors, 50/65/80mm for S35, and 27mm for MFT format. The adapter has a minimum focusing distance of 2’4”(73cm) and a ø86mm filter thread to apply filters for creative uses. It comes with step-up rings for 77mm, 62mm, and 55mm threads.

The new 1.33X adapter was specially designed to ensure minimal loss of aperture stops and image quality, and it is also compatible with the Ranger Cine Zoom lenses across a focal range of 48mm to 100mm.

Pricing & Availability

The new 65mm and 80mm are available for ordering on Indiegogo. The normal retail price for the single mirrorless version of the 65 or 80mm is priced at $1099 USD (Mirrorless version) and $1,499 USD (EF/PL version).

1 Box PL EF

There is also a 5-lens bundle, including the previous 27/35/50mm Nanomorph available for USD $4599 USD (Mirrorless version) and $6749 USD (EF/PL version). Additionally, the 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter can be purchased for USD $699 USD. All of the items are expected to ship in September.

Laowa’s Indiegogo Nanomorph crowdfunding page has an array of 18 perks. These perks are divided into four categories: “single lens”, “2-lens set”, “5-lens set”, and “add-ons”. Laowa is also reintroducing the $1 deal, allowing backers to acquire a Nanomorph lens in PL/EF or mirrorless version at a discount of 99.9%.

There is also a “Laowa Supporter’s Edition”, which provides 5 quotas each for an exclusive engraving on the Nanomorph 5-lens set in both PL/EF and mirrorless versions for early backers. These backers will have the opportunity to add personalized laser-engraved text to their lenses.

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