Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Master Class with Bill Bennett, ASC

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Tilta is offering you the chance to attend a VIP Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Master Class on August 14th & 15th in the greater Los Angeles area. The Hydra Arm Mini Master Class will be led by Bill Bennett, ASC, one of the most respected car commercial Directors of Photography in the Industry, along with the knowledgeable staff from Tilta.

The first day of the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Masterclass will take place in an indoor studio where participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of crane operating principles and receive detailed guidance on setting up the Hydra Arm Mini.

On the second day, August 15th, the class will continue at Irwindale Speedway grounds. Attendees will engage in immersive hands-on sessions, applying the knowledge acquired the previous day to real-world scenarios. Under the expert guidance of Bill Bennett and the Tilta team, participants will refine their skills and learn advanced techniques for capturing dynamic automotive footage.

Limited Availability – Apply for one of 5 seats available

To maintain an optimal learning environment, the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Masterclass offers a limited number of spots to the public. Aside from Hydra Arm Mini owners or Tilta partners, only five seats are available to public, making this event an exclusive opportunity for passionate cinematographers seeking to enhance their skills. Sign up now for a chance to secure your seat for this class.

Attendance is entirely free, demonstrating Tilta’s commitment to fostering knowledge and collaboration within the cinematography community.

Tilta Hydra Arm Mini

If you are not familiar with the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini it is a portable, lightweight, and relatively easy-to-use system for filming vehicles from multiple angles while in movement.

It was designed specifically for the DJI RS 3 PRO and RS 2, but is compatible with a range of gimbals and camera systems such as the Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, and Freefly Movi Pro.

The Pro Kit includes suction cups, speed rail and ratchet straps allow you to mount the system easily to most vehicles that can support the 176lb weight of the arm not including a gimbal or camera.

Bill Bennett, ASC

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Bill Bennett, ASC brings over two decades of experience as a cinematographer specializing in shooting automobiles, aircraft, people, and captivating locations for national television commercials. With an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with renowned brands such as Ford, Lexus, Coca-Cola, Apple, American Airlines, McDonald’s, and Budweiser, Bennett’s mastery of his craft has garnered him widespread recognition, including the prestigious President’s Award from the ASC.

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