Viltrox 75mm F1.2 PRO for Sony E & Nikon Z Mount

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The Viltrox 75mm F1.2 PRO for Sony E and Nikon Z mount is now available. The 75mm F1.2 AF PRO lens for Fujifilm X-mount was released earlier in the year.

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The new Sony E mount and Nikon Z mount versions are almost indistinguishable in terms of optical quality, weight, and size except they feature a new Custom Button and the ability to set the aperture to have clickless or hard stops.

Key features

  • APS-C Format | f/1.2 to f/16
  • 112.5mm (Full-Frame Equivalent)
  • Excellent Low-Light Performance
  • STM Stepping Motor
  • All-Metal Lens Body
  • Weather-Resistant Design
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The Viltrox 75mm f/1.2 AF lens is a fast, portrait-length prime featuring advanced autofocus performance as well as professional handling and reliability. It offers a large maximum aperture and shallow depth of field, and it is claimed to be able to provide excellent low-light performance and exceptionally sharp image quality.

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A newly designed STM stepping motor provides fast and precise autofocus performance, and an easily-accessible MF/AF switch enables you to quickly switch back and forth between manual and automatic focusing modes. Additionally, the lens also supports eye and face autofocus, animal autofocus, and additional automatic focusing modes.

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The lens comes in an all-metal lens body with a weather-resistant design and metal electronic contacts support Exif information transmission. Additionally, a USB-C interface allows for firmware upgrades.

Price & Availability

The Viltrox 75mm F1.2 PRO for Sony E & Nikon Z Mount is now available to pre-order on B&H for $599 USD.

You can also buy it below through Amazon:

Sony E:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CB8353RW
Nikon Z:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CB882YR2

Pergear is also selling it for $30 USD less:

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