Tascam DR-10L Pro with 32-Bit Float Recording & Timecode Support

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Tascam has announced the DR-10L Pro, this is the newest addition to the DR-10L family. While the Pro version maintains a similar form factor and functionality, it adds the ability to record in 32-Bit Float and offers Atomos Wireless Time-Code-Sync Support.

The DR-10L Pro looks to be a good solution if you are after a relatively affordable portable audio recorder.

The DR-10L Micro Portable Audio Recorder was announced way back in 2016. I reviewed the Tascam DR-10CS back in 2018 on the site.

Tascam DR-10L Pro Key features

  • Lightweight Belt Pack Recorder with Lav
  • 32-Bit Float & Dual ADC Avoids Clipping
  • microSDXC Support for up to 512GB
  • 24.5 Hours on Two AAA Lithium Batteries
  • Screw Lock Mechanism Secures Microphone
  • Safe & Reliable Sliding Recording Switch
  • High-Pass Filter: 40, 80, 120 & 220 Hz
  • Bright, Easy-to-Read OLED Display
  • Atomos Wireless Time-Code-Sync Support
  • Includes iZotope RX Elements Audio DAW
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A compact digital audio recorder can be very handy if you are working somewhere where a radio mic might encounter interference, or need to record audio from subjects a long way from you. It can also be used alongside a radio mic as a backup, or used as a stand-alone audio system if you are on a budget and can’t afford radio mics.

32-Bit Float Recording

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Arguably the biggest addition to the DR-10L Pro is its ability to be able to record in 32-Bit Float.

32-bit float is handy in certain situations where the sound levels can suddenly increase without warning or when you need to set and forget your recorder and have no way of monitoring or adjusting the levels.

If you don’t want to record in 32-Bit Float you can also choose to record in The DR-10L can record in 24-bit mono and 48 kHz BWAV (Broadcast Wav) file format.

The recorder also features Dual ADCs to avoid any clipping. There is also a High-Pass Filter that can be set to 40, 80, 120 & 220 Hz.

The included Lavalier mic attaches via a locking 3.5mm Sennheiser-style connector, so you can swap it out with a compatible substitute if you prefer. The sliding recording switch pulls off the clever trick of being easy to use while making it difficult to stop a recording accidentally. In addition, the Lock function can be engaged to disable all the recorder’s operations other than “recording stop,” for additional peace of mind.

Longer Recording Times

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The DR-10L Pro can utilize up to 512GB microSDXC cards for longer recording times. This is important, especially if you plan on recording in 32-bit Float which creates quite large file sizes. Previous DR-10L models could only use microSD or microSDHC cards with a capacity of 32GB.

Increased Battery Life

Tascam has increased the battery life from previous versions and the DR-10L Pro can now operate for up to 24.5 hours using two AAA batteries. Previous DR-10L models could only work for around 10.5 hours.

TimeCode & App Support

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By using Tascam’s AK-BT1 Bluetooth adapter (available separately) you can control the recorder remotely via iOS or Android devices. The app will let you control up to five DR-10L Pro units at once from the free CONTROL app.

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The Bluetooth adapter also lets you sync the recorder to timecode wirelessly using supported Atomos products, such as the Ultrasync Blue and the Ultrasync One. Timecode allows shooters to align audio and video recordings in post automatically, even when there’s no audio from the camera, saving you a lot of time in the editing process. It’s especially helpful for multi-camera productions. Thoughtfully, this B&H kit packages the DR-10L Pro with the AK-BT1 adapter for your shopping convenience.

iZotope RX Elements Audio DAW

You also get a copy of iZotope RX Elements Audio DAW with the DR-10L Pro.

Price & Availability

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The Tascam DR-10L Pro is now available to pre-order for $219 USD. The Tascam DR-10L Pro does face stiff competition from products such as the Tentacle Sync TRACK E.

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