DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Prime 3-Lens Kits

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You can now buy the DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Prime lenses in two 3-Lens Kits.

There are two different kits available:

Both kits retail for $15,990 USD.

The DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Prime Lenses feature up to 1:25 magnification. The lenses have an ARRI LPL mount, but they also come with user-interchangeable ARRI PL, and Canon EF mounts.

There are 4 lenses in the series: 24mm, 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm Gnosis.

Key features

  • Covers Full-Frame, VV Formats
  • Native LPL + PL and EF Mounts
  • 1:25:1 Reproduction at 6.1″
  • Fast T2.8 Maximum Aperture Range
  • Appealing Bokeh
  • Vibrant Colors, Natural Gradations
  • Cine-Geared Focus and Iris Rings
  • Lens Scale Marked in Feet
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Competition for the DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Prime lenses comes in the form of the CHIOPT SLASHER Full-Frame Macro Cine Primes that I recently reviewed on the site.

The CHIOPT SLASHER is a new series of full-frame cine prime lenses with macro functionality. The lenses will initially be available in the following focal lengths:

  • 24mm T2
  • 35mm T2
  • 50mm T2
  • 75mm T2.8
  • 100mm T2.8
Screenshot 2023 06 16 at 2 39 24 PM

The CHIOPT SLASHER Macro Cine Primes retail for between $1099-1,399 USD depending on the focal length. This makes them very competitively priced and very affordable for full frame cine prime lenses.

You can also buy the 5-lens set for $5,499 USD.

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