Sony HXC-FZ90

Sony has announced the HXC-FZ90. This 4K studio and outside broadcast camera is claimed to be able to capture high-quality images, even in darker environments, thanks to Sony’s high sensitivity CMOS imager and processes. There is a Dynamic Contrast (UMBRA Function) that assists focus control even in dark places and a native 60.00P format for online streaming.

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Key features

  • Single chip 2/3” 4K CMOS sensor with B4 mount enabling 2000 TVL resolution
  • Optional 4K license available on a weekly, monthly or permanent basis
  • HLG and S-Log3 built in support for SR Live workflow
  • Integration with the new CNA-2 Camera Network Adapter allowing sophisticated RCP Control, diagnostics and advanced monitoring
  • Comprehensive camera operation from the front panel of the new HXCU-FZ90 camera control unit including features such as IRIS and paint control
  • New to HXC level cameras, the Network Trunk (Ethernet data path) can provide an extra Prompter output or act as a return data path for pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras like Sony’s FR7
  • Advanced focus assist feature
  • ARIA Function: Automatic Picture optimization according to lens characteristics
  • Stereo mini jack connector for simple headset connection
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The camera utilizes a Sony 2/3-inch 4K CMOS image sensor. The camera was designed to work in 4K HDR productions as it supports wide color BT.2020 and it offers SR Live support for HDR (HLG/S-Log3). A 4K output can be sent directly from the camera, via a 12G-SDI connection, for stand-alone use. It also enables you to operate wirelessly and record directly, with third-party accessories.

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If you are just capturing in HD, you can use a digital extender that takes advantage of the 4K image sensor for a 2x magnify that delivers a Full HD image, and a 4x magnify with no brightness degradation.

Sony’s ARIA function automatically compensates for ramping and peripheral light loss when using supported lenses. The camera can be operated from the front panel of the CCU with Iris and paint control. For outside broadcast applications, it is possible to extend transmission distance up to 10km when using the HXCE-FZ90 with a single mode fibre.

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Specific features make live operations easier, from focus assists to headset intercom. Sony’s Total Live Control System (TLCS) provides automatic control of Iris, Gain and Shutter. There are also various focus assist functions such as Dynamic Focus and Focus Assist Indicator.

With Network Trunk, it is possible to control and operate devices such as PTZ camera, as well as giving you high-speed data transmission between the camera and its CCU for remote operation

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The HXC-FZ90 is planned to ship during winter 2023.

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