Tilta Universal Cable Clamp

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The Tilta Universal Cable Clamp is a nice little accessory that was designed to hold multiple 4-6mm cables.

Cable management is something we have all dealt with, and depending on how many accessories you are running, you can easily end up with a spaghetti mess that not only makes every unorganized but can also become a snag hazard.

The Universal Cable Clamps do look to be a little on the large side compared to some other solutions on the market, but I like the idea of being able to place multiple cables inside. On smaller-sized cameras, you may only need to use one, while on mid to larger-sized digital cinema cameras there will be room to mount multiple clamps depending on your needs.

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The Cable Clamps attach via a universal 1/4″-20 connection.

The Tilta Universal Cable Clamps are made out of aluminum and they only weigh 16g / 0.56 oz. They feature a retractable locating pin that helps when mounting them on cages.

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There is also a quick-release mechanism that provides secure locking and the ability to remove your cable(s) quickly.

Price & Availability

The Tilta Universal Cable Clamp retails for $9.90 USD, but you can also buy them in a kit of two for $16.90 USD.

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