PanaTrack bendable camera slider

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PanaTrack is a bendable camera slider that was designed to enable fast conversion from a linear to a curved camera track. Within seconds the system can be changed from a linear to a curved slider at any desired radius.


Key features

  • Easy setup and compact transportation
  • Customizable shapes can be adapted to every production
  • Supports the integration with RP150: rocker, joystick and presets
  • Quiet and smooth motion
  • Speed (IRIS) and ramp (FOCUS) controls for live operation

The PanaTrack has a payload capacity of up to 15kg / 33 lbs. It is fully compatible with Panasonic PTZ Cameras and RPs.

Studio camera without pan tilt head

The minimum track length is 2m / 6.56′ and the maximum track length is 50m / 164′. This is possible by adding or removing sections. You can vary the speed at which the camera platform moves, with the max. speed being 1.4 m/sec (4.5 fps).

Above you can see a video showing how to set it up. While it doesn’t look overly complicated, it does look like it would take quite a bit of time to set up from scratch.

The PanaTrack could be used for events, music concerts, corporate, conferences, and even movies and TV shows.

Price & Availability

The PanaTrack will be available for under 10,000 EUR.

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