SmallHD Bundles the Indie 5 & Camera Control for RED RCP2

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SmallHD is offering a special bundle that includes the Indie 5 monitor and Camera Control for RED RCP2 software. This bundle usually costs $1799 USD, but for a limited time, SmallHD is offering an introductory price of $1299 USD.

The discounted bundle price matches the retail price of the Indie 5 alone, making the camera control software essentially free.

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Camera Control for RED RCP2 is compatible with the newly announced KOMODO-X (some features may not be available, but full functionality coming soon). The SmallHD Indie 5 & Camera Control would make for a decent alternative to the much more expensive RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0″ LCD Monitor (Direct Mount) which costs $2,750 USD, however, it isn’t going to offer the same level of functionality.

The Indie 5 offers a touchscreen-only interface with a physical power button and sliding touchscreen-lock switch. It weighs in at 14.4 oz / 408g, has 1000nits of brightness, 3G-SDI (I/O), HDMI 2.0 (I/O), a barrel power input, and a micro-USB.

The Camera Control for RED RCP2 Cameras is a software license that allows you to unlock access to camera control from ​​KOMODO and RED V-RAPTOR (DSMC3) cameras via a software activation code. This software allows users to tap into the internal camera settings with touchscreen configuration tools, on every page.

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