Meike Mount Adapter ETZ for Sony E Mount Lenses to Nikon Z Cameras

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Meike has announced its new Mount Adapter ETZ which allows you to use Sony E-mount lenses on Nikon Z-mount cameras such as the Z9 and just released Z8.

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The adapter offers full support for AF and IS (image stabilization) as well as the ability to support EXIF signal transmission. I have no idea how well either of these features works as I haven’t seen any footage or played with the adapter myself.

Key features

  • Maximum diameter and length:
  • Packing size: 72*28*87mm
  • Φ65.2 X 2mm
  • Net weight: 44.2g (0.097lb)
  • Adapter front end: E-Mount camera lens
  • Adapter rear end: Nikon Z-mount camera
  • Auto Focus: Support
  • Auto aperture: Support
  • Support IS image stabilization system
  • EXIF Signal Transmission

The E to Z mount adapter is designed with a special protocol so that E-mount lenses can be used with Nikon Z-mount cameras.

Most of the options in the Menu of Z-mount cameras are available, such as vibration reduction, AF-S\AF-C\MF focus mode, auto synchronized aperture, and AF-F full-time autofocus for video shooting.

In environments where it is difficult to focus, such as low light levels, it is recommended to switch the focus to center single point AF or center focus area AF.

When shooting videos and taking pictures of people and animals, it is recommended to turn on face and eye recognition in the Menu and use auto area AF for a better experience.

Price & Availability

The Meike Mount Adapter ETZ for Sony E Mount Lenses to Nikon Z Cameras is now available to purchase for $159.99 USD.

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