Filmic Pro V7.4 now offers full LUT support

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Filmic Pro V7.4 has been released and it is a significant update since the launch of the newly-architected V7 code base. The app now offers the ability to import LUTs, which is claimed to be an industry-first for smartphone video capture.

Users can now import up to eight .cube LUT files directly into Filmic Pro and apply them in the preview-only mode, or conversely, burn them into their final recording.

According to Filmic Pro, ‘This new feature presents new and exciting possibilities for mobile cinematographers and filmmakers to leverage advanced cinematic capabilities typically reserved for expensive, high-end cinema cameras and workflows. This also means that Filmic Pro can be an even more viable B-cam on set since apps like FilmConvert and Cinematch both support the new iPhone 14, camera matching with other high end cinema cameras like RED, Sony, and ARRI.’

In my personal opinion, it is a bit of a stretch to say that an iPhone can be used as a B-cam with a high-end cinema camera. Sure, you could, but who is actually going to do that?

Filmic Pro LUT Import 2

Significant benefits of the new LUT import capabilities in Filmic Pro V7.4 include:

  • The ability to capture in Filmic Pro’s flat and log gamma curves while displaying a rec709 normalization LUT in the preview to ensure perfect results;
  • With FilmConvert and Cinematch now offering full support for the iPhone 14 Pro and Filmic Pro’s LogV3+, Filmic Pro filmmakers can export camera matching profiles or film emulations from these plugins as LUTs and apply them directly in Filmic Pro. This offers a huge benefit for projects where multiple, different format cameras are used on-set and camera matching is a critical requirement. Additionally, this feature represents a significant cost-savings benefit for on-set crews who can now transform smartphones with Filmic Pro into affordable B-cameras, or “crash cams,” in place of massively expensive, delicate cinema cameras like RED, Sony or ARRI ALEXA, but yielding the same high quality results;
  • The added benefit of creating a unique aesthetic by applying favorite LUTs and burning them into the final recording to accelerate the capture workflow.

New Filmic Pro LUT Import: How it Works

Filmic Pro LUT Import 1

The Imaging Panel is home to the new LUT panel, which is designed for LUT file management. To access the LUT panel, users simply tap on one of the empty slots to load a LUT located on the device via the smartphone’s file browser. The new LUT panel also offers the ability to nickname, replace, or remove a LUT.

The app now includes a brand new LUT Quick Action Modal (QAM) which can be assigned to any one of six custom viewport buttons. From here, users can quickly switch between LUTs, choose between preview-only or burn-in application, and when in preview-only mode, access a visualization suite that enables users to preview the applied LUT in side-by-side or diagonal split screen.

Filmic Pro V7.4 on iOS supports .cube up to 64pt, and up to 65pt on Filmic Pro for Android.

With the recent release of Filmic Pro V7, the Filmic development team delivered significant architectural changes and a redesigned camera interface.

Select settings and format support in the new Filmic Pro include:

  • ProRes Capture (Proxy; LT; 422; 422 HQ; 4444) with a significantly revised and expanded encoder
  • iPad Pro M2 exclusive: ProRes 4444 XQ – currently only available in high-end professional cinema cameras, now available in Filmic Pro V7
  • Log gamma curves
  • Frame.io Camera to Cloud (C2C) support
  • Realtime Film Looks for cinematic results without the need for grading
  • Live Analytic suite including Zebras, False Color, Focus Peaking
  • Support for DolbyVision HDR, 10-bit SDR, and 8-bit HEVC/H264
  • Clean HDMI Out transforms your device into a pro level web cam
  • Advanced Audio Controls for manual input gain, 16/24-bit audio; uncompressed PCM
  • Sync audio frame rates of 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps
  • High speed frame rates of 60/120/240fps*
  • Capture presets synced to the cloud
  • Image stabilization (standard/cinematic)
  • 8 aspect ratios including Widescreen (16:9); Ultra Panavision (2.76:1); Square (1:1).
  • 4 encoding options for H264/HEVC to balance quality and file size:
    • Filmic Extreme
    • Filmic Quality
    • Apple Standard
    • Economy

Filmic Pro v7 also delivers the following enhancements and features:

Quick Action Modals (QAMs)

  • Quick Action Modals (known as QAMs, and pronounced “cams”) offer fast access to key functionality at the top level of the UI, and are designed for quick adjustments that do not require jumping into settings;
  • Many of these QAMs offer a highly requested feature – numerical input. Now filmmakers can type in an exact value for ISO, shutter speed, and white balance temperature for failsafe results and pinpoint accuracy.

Action Slider

  • Action Info Slider provides a real time readout designed for professionals who want to monitor their ISO, shutter speed, white balance, minutes remaining of record time, capture format, and gamma curve;
  • The UI reinforces locked states for ISO, shutter speed, and white balance;
  • These visuals can also be hidden or revealed at any time.

Custom Function Button

  • Filmic Pro now offers a dedicated custom function button in the main camera interface. The filmmaker can map one of dozens of key features to this button for fast access.

Interface Redesign

  • Newly refined, streamlined interface;
  • New tangerine reticles with improved lock/unlocked state animations;
  • All new dedicated Mode Button which makes all supported modes explicit to the filmmaker (auto mode; center weighted reticle mode; reticle mode; manual mode);
  • Simple and Professional Audio Meters: Tap the on screen audio meter to switch between preferred presentations;
  • Dedicated Audio Control button in main UI;
  • Redesigned Manual Controls: Filmic Pro V7 moves away from arcs to sliders with more explicit pull to point functionality. The slider travel is also longer for more precision and accuracy, and inertial scrolling is now supported, which enables faster “flicking” to Macro or Infinity. Exposure controls are also decomposed to better reflect professional cameras (Filmic Pro now offers three exposure modes on the left hand manual slider: LV (iso and shutter speed concurrently per v6); ISO only; and shutter speed only).

Revised Settings Menu

  • Filmic Pro offers a redesigned Settings menu that consolidates key functionality (for example ‘Resolution’ and ‘Frame Rate’ menus from v6 are consolidated under a `Video` menu).

Detailed tutorials and walkthroughs of all the key features of the Filmic Pro V7 are available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRi6SWYNK_k

Pricing & Availability

Filmic Pro V7.4 is available immediately as a subscription for both iOS and supported Android devices with two choices currently priced as follows:

  • $2.99 USD/per week
  • $49.99 USD/per year

A one-week free trial of Filmic Pro V7.4 is also available for customers on both subscription plans.

Additionally, as part of the subscription, Filmic Pro V7.4 also includes feature sets that were previously only available as in-app purchases, including the Filmic Pro Cine Kit, and Film Looks.

Special EDU pricing for schools and universities ordering Filmic Pro in larger quantities is available by contacting [email protected]

To download Filmic Pro V7.4 for iOS from the App Store, please visit here. To download FiLMiC Pro for supported Android devices from the Google Play Store, please visit here

For those existing customers who choose not to upgrade to Filmic Pro V7, Filmic offers Filmic Pro Legacy which is essentially Filmic Pro V6. Filmic Pro Legacy is available at no additional charge to existing customers and can be downloaded by following the guidelines showcased here.

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