Sony VENICE 2 high frame rate & Rialto 2 example footage

Sony has released 2 new films shot with the VENICE 2 and Rialto 2. The main film by DP Matt Sakatani Roe, shows the VENICE 2 being used to capture high frame rate material, and the second film is a behind the scenes which demonstrates how the Rialto 2 was used.

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Cinematographer Matt Roe (Purple Hearts) and camera operator Ryan Wood (Moon Knight, The Mosquito Coast, Yellowstone) joined forces to illustrate the new frame rates available in VENICE 2 Version 2.00 and the Rialto 2 in a short film featuring barrel racing.

Roe and Wood opted to explore the world of barrel racing with a professional horse and his rider as the test subjects.

Besides showcasing the camera’s performance in a low-light environment, the team also wanted to demonstrate the versatility of the Rialto 2 system. Wood, who has operated cameras on Yellowstone and Moon Knight, felt that the small size of the Rialto 2 allowed him to work closer to the horse without spooking the animal.

VENICE 2 Version 2.00 firmware gave the camera the ability to capture high frame rates up to 120 frames per second, while also allowing it to be used with the popular Rialto 2 extension system.

If you are not familiar with the Rialto 2 it allows users to separate the sensor from the camera body up to 40 feet away,

Behind the Scenes Video:

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