New XR Capture Drive for ARRI ALEXA XT

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ARRI has announced a new Capture Drive XR 1024 GB, which is available as a limited edition for legacy ALEXA XT and XR cameras.

The Capture Drive XR is built utilizing the latest solid-state drive technology, and it offers 960 GB of usable capacity and supports the same high-speed ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes frame rates as the original 512 GB Capture Drive XR. The drives can be accessed with Capture Drive XR Docks and the free CODEX Device Manager Software.

10 year anniversary

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In 2013, ARRI released the ALEXA XT, which was the first ALEXA to feature an integrated CODEX recording module. This enabled users to capture internal ARRIRAW recordings for the first time. After the ALEXA SXT was announced as a successor, the camera and Capture Drive XR recording media were gradually phased out as components became unavailable.

Despite their age, ALEXA XT and ALEXA XR cameras continue to be used around the world, however, it has become difficult for customers to find replacements or additional drives.

ARRI has forged a strong reputation over the years for supporting its customers and by announcing a new drive 10 years on, it helps to further extend the life of ALEXA XT and ALEXA XR cameras.

The new Capture Drive XR 1024 GB is available only as a limited production run, and a minimum order quantity must be met. Capture Drive orders must be received by May 19, 2023, and are available through all regular ARRI sales channels.

Yes, this is primarily only going to be a product for rental houses that still stock the ALEXA XT and ALEXA XR cameras, but it will further extend their investment.

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Refurbished ALEXA XT and ALEXA XR, as well as many other ARRI camera and lighting products, are available for purchase through the ARRI Certified Pre-Owned Program with a one-year warranty for camera products and a two-year warranty for lighting fixtures.

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