MOVCAM FlexPro– a telescoping pole for the DJI Ronin 4D, RS3 PRO & Small Digital Cinema Cameras

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MOVCAM has announced the release of FlexPro, a new telescoping pole designed for the DJI Ronin 4D camera, DJI RS3 PRO, and smaller digital cinema camera setups.

FlexPro is made of carbon fiber and it consists of three circular tubes, two of which can be extended to a range of 0-130cm / 0-4.26′. When FlexPro is fully extended the total length is 260cm / 8.53′. The pole is driven by a brushless motor and controlled by a joystick that features a speed adjustment knob. Its maximum extension speed is 0.70 meters per second. The FlexPro can be controlled by the operator or remotely by an assistant.

Weighing 5.5kg / 12.12 lb (excluding counterweights and power supply for the counterweight), the MOVCAM FlexPro has a maximum payload of 5.5kg / 12.12 lb.

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It features dynamic sliding counterweights so that it can maintain a relatively balanced state during extension, and a universal gimbal compatible with the standard specifications of Steadicams.

The MOVCAM FlexPro can replace the sled of a Steadicam, providing more flexibility. Traditional Steadicam devices typically require adjustment of dynamic and static balance before shooting and you cannot adjust the length of the sled while you are shooting. With MOVCAM’s FlexPro pole, operators can adjust the length of the telescoping pole during shooting, which makes it easier to shoot from higher or lower angles.

The MOVCAMFlexPro includes a tripod adapter that can be quickly mounted onto a tripod for use as an ultra-lightweight telescoping crane.

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MOVCAM has also developed a thumb remote control specifically for the FlexPro pole, which can be used to control the DJI 4D camera and DJI RS gimbal.

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The FlexPro can be powered via V-lock batteries that sit on a power distribution plate that attaches to the end of the pole.

The FlexPro does share some similarities with the Redrock Micro Digiboom, which we covered at NAB way back in 2018.

Price & Availability

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The MOVCAM FlexPro telescoping pole is priced at $3,998 USD and it is expected to begin shipping at the end of June.

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