Redrock Micro Digiboom helps you lift your game

For those who loved the polecam but wanted to use it with different cameras Redrock Micro has announced the Digiboom which is at its essence a pole with a gimbal on the end of it that allows you to get some really interesting shots. This could help you lift your game for sports shooting.

It’s designed to be used by small crews or even one man bands.

Redrock Micro helps you lift your game

We tried out the Digiboom at the show and it’s surprisingly light. I found it very was to use and operate and I could hold it u longer than most one handed gimbals. It looks to be a very versatile product that I can see being used for a lot of applications. You can see some vision taken with Digiboom below.

Key Features

  • Complete Control – of operation and settings for both camera and gimbal right
  • Dual Gimbal modes – for fully automated, fully manual, or hybrid control of camera aim and angle
  • Professional audio – including standard connectors and shielded wiring that is fully integrated into the DigiBoom for onboard camera audio, onboard mixer, or external sound mixer.
  • Professional power – with one power source for camera, DigiBoom, and accessories. Use the external power input for unlimited run time.
  • Full-time monitoring – via the bright high-resolution display mounted right where the operator needs it.
  • Modular for different setups – including jib, drone-like, Steadicam, and handheld.
  • Broadcast workflow and quality – whether live or pre-recorded, DigiBoom provides industry-standard video, audio and wireless with connectors and accessories
  • The standard model has a reach of 8 feet which can be extended to 12 feet with an optional accessory.

Redrock Micro helps you lift your game

Pricing and Availability

RedRock Micro have said they plan to have the Digiboom available for the Summer of 2018 and have not yet provided pricing. They did however, tell us that they expect it to be less than $5000 USD.

Redrock Micro helps you lift your game

There will also be a selection of accessories available.

  • DigiBoom Jib adapter – mounts DigiBoom to your existing fluid head tripod for conversion to a more traditional jib.
  • DigiBoom extension pole 3′ – extends DigiBoom for higher shots while still retaining full operator control of gimbal and camera.
  • DigiBoom body strap – supports the fulcrum of DigiBoom for additional support and easy operation.
  • DigiBoom stand.
  • DigiBoom hard case with fitted foam, ready for road and air travel.

General Length
Carbon fiber boom pole with anti-rotation and locking extenders Minimum length 36″

Integrated internal cables
Maximum length 72″ (not including gimbal and battery case) – longer with optional pole extensions

3-axis full-time electronic camera stabilizer tool-less axis adjustments and camera balancing Up to 6.5lbs (camera and lens)
Integrated camera power and control
World Mode follows operator movements
Body Mode follows subject
Hand Controls

General Weight Capacity
Up to 6.5lbs (camera and lens)


2x hand controls, left or right handed
Repositionable and lockable
4 assignable buttons
Gimbal control joystick
Focus fingerwheel
Zoom rocker
Iris wheel
Soft buttons and OLED display for setup and configuration
Battery Compartment

Batteries Required (External Power)
2x Sony NP series batteries (not included)
5-pin XLR external power input

Gimbal tuning, mode and calibration interface

Audio In Audio Out
2x XLR 1/4″ combo jacks input
2x XLR 1/4″ combo jacks output
Channel selectable toggle switches
Audio sources available at camera for single source recording
Audio sources available on boom for external recording

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