P+S Technik rehousing program for Hasselblad medium format lenses

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You may remember the Ottoblad lens series that I featured on the site back in February 2023. These were a collaboration between P+S Technik and Otto Nemenz International. Those lenses were rental-only items that featured an Optical Tuner that gives users the ability to start with a sharp image and then adjust the field resolution to a portrait lens quality. While you can’t get those exact lenses P+S Technik has started a new rehousing program for Hasselblad medium format lenses so you can create your own set.

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P+S Technik is focussing on Carl Zeiss / Hasselblad legacy lenses that combine crisp and sharp detail with an aesthetically pleasing rendition of bokeh.

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Characteristics of these lenses include high contrast and superior resolution combined with ultra-low distortion over the entire image area. Multiple formats can be covered with these lenses so they can be used on anything from an ARRI ALEXA 65 down to Super 35.

The Hasselblad rehousing minimizes close focus distance so that it is around half the original distance. In most cases, the original f-number of the lenses can be kept as a real t-stop with the Hasselblads.

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Focal lengths are currently available from 30mm up to 500mm. Currently, the available Hasselblad rehousing versions are the C, CF, CFi/e, F/Fe versions.

The rehousings will be available in PL or LPL mount and they have a front filter diameter of 110mm. The number of iris blades varies from 12-16 depending on the lens.

Pricing & Availability

You need to contact P+S Technik directly for a quotation. Just to be clear, P+S Technik is only doing the rehousing and you need to provide them with donor lenses.

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