Otto Nemenz Ottoblad Lens Series

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Otto Nemenz has a new rental-only series of re-tuned Zeiss Hasselblad T* CF / CFi/e lenses called Ottoblad that were designed in conjunction with P+S TECHNIK.

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The Zeiss/Hasselblad Medium Format lenses were used on NASA’s Apollo Missions.

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The Ottoblad lenses feature an Optical Tuner that gives users the ability to start with a sharp image and then adjust the field resolution to a portrait lens quality.

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So what does that exactly mean? Well, I am glad you asked. Because the lenses have a rear optical module it allows the user to dial in the amount focus fall–off out towards the edges of the frame in different degrees. This means you can keep the lenses at a particular T stop and then by utilizing the Optical Tuner you can alter the amount of edge softness.

How is this done? You simply move a dial that makes adjustments utilizing the engraved position reference numbers. These are labeled 0-6 and each quarter between the numbers. There is also an optional locking feature.

The lenses are available in focal lengths ranging from 30mm up to 150mm.

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