Flanders Scientific 16″ DM160 Reference Grade OLED Monitor

At NAB 2023, Flanders Scientific was showing the new 16″ DM160 Reference Grade OLED Monitor. Its designed to be a portable monitor for field and post-production us as it weighs in at just 5.8lbs (2.6kg) the DM160 is an extremely lightweight, high-contrast 16″ OLED monitor designed for use in color-critical production, post, and broadcast applications.

Calibration is important. The DM160 monitor comes pre-calibrated from the factory and supports highly accurate volumetric Auto Calibration for recalibration over time.

Simply plug a supported probe directly into the monitor, and the advanced AutoCal routine will profile the monitor and use volumetric data to accurately target a very wide variety of available color management selections. 3D and 1D LUTs are calculated and saved on the fly as color management selections on the monitor are made, making for one simple and unified calibration process, all without requiring a computer.

The Flanders Scientific 16″ DM160 Reference Grade OLED Monitor retails for $4,500.00

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