AngelBird AV PRO 1TB CFexpress A

The Angelbird CFexpress Type A card is engineered for use with Sony Alpha and FX cameras, offering the highest capacity available in a single 1 TB option.

AngelBird 1TB CFexpress A cards have the performance for capturing lengthy, high-data-rate video recordings, stills, and burst photography in up to 8K RAW. Angelbird’s Stable Stream™ technology supports steady and uninterrupted sustained write speeds of 650 MB/s maintained throughout the entire capacity of the card.

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The card supports all available features and settings across Sony’s range of CFexpress Type A cameras, including Sony α1, Sony α7 IV, Sony α7S III, Sony FX3, and the Sony FX6.

The high-capacity AV PRO CFexpress Type A card supports 16-bit recording for a wider range of post-production editing options.


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The AngelBird 1TB CFexpress A card retails for $499.99 US and €499.99.

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