Sony HDC-5500V 2/3-inch 4K 3-CMOS camera with a variable ND filter

The HDC-5500V is a 2/3-inch 4K 3-CMOS sensor portable system camera with direct 4K output and digital triax or wireless operation that features a variable ND filter.

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This is the first time, at least to my knowledge, that Sony has put its variable ND system into an EFP or ENG 2/3″ camera.

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The variable ND system in the HDC-5500V is based on the same system we have previously seen in some of Sony’s digital cinema cameras such as the FX6 and FX9. The variable ND filter allows for smooth transitions between different lighting conditions without any disruption to the broadcast. This is useful for sporting events where the lighting conditions can change dramatically. The variable ND system supports high frame rate (HFR) capture and it can be switched between deep or shallow depth of field.

The HDC-5500V features a 2/3-inch type 4K CMOS sensor with global shutter. The camera can capture 3840 × 2160 or 1920 × 1080 resolution images.

Pre-installed VF slide mechanism

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The pre-installed viewfinder slide mechanism gives camera operators improved functionality by minimizing their body movements during panning. This feature is especially useful in cramped spaces like tracked dollys, stadium platforms, and scaffolding, where limited mobility can hinder the desired shots. The pre-installed slide mechanism enhances shooting flexibility and usability, with a smoothly-sliding viewfinder that can be moved closer to the axis of tripod rotation to reduce changes in the viewing angle.

4K 4x HFR capability

When used with HDCU-5000, the HDC-5000 Series supports the 4K 4x HFR option. Users can replay slow motion in 4K 4x. HDC-5500V also supports parallel advertisements by simultaneously capturing 4 different advertisements on LED, which allows broadcasters to reach multiple audiences with tailor-made content at the same time around the globe. Additionally, the 4X parallel advertisements support enables broadcasters to engage with different sponsors simultaneously.

Simplified brightness control with Virtual IRIS

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The Virtual IRIS gives complete control over your exposure settings enabling adjustments to brightness between lens IRIS/variable ND/master GAIN using a single joystick.

Unified INTERCOM panel

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We are delighted to introduce the newly integrated design of the INTERCOM panel, which boasts controllable PGM3, TRACKER VR, and earphone MIC across all models, ensuring a consistent layout for customers worldwide. The controllable settings encompass PROD/ENG/OFF, while TRACKER and PGM3 can be easily assigned to different functions.

Recording and real time network transfer

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With the recording option HKCU-REC55, the HDCU-5500 can record the live feed inside CCU. The file can be transferred to USB SSD or network storage in real-time while recording is still in progress. By the time the shooting operation is complete, the file is already transferred to portable SSD or NAS. 

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