MiMojo for iOS- a new way to professionally manage mobile video content

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MiMojo for iOS is a new app that makes it easier to send and receive video from mobile devices for use in professional workflows and ROI.

MiMojo was designed specifically for mobile filmmakers, documentarians, journalists, and archivists, Its sole intent was to make managing the massive flood of the footage created by mobile content creators significantly more manageable, usable, and easier to monetize.

The app enables senders to quickly trim media files, add metadata and captions, and easily upload footage. Conversely, people receiving files can change video format specs at the point of download, assign and track footage, and optimize their workflows. Newsrooms, editing teams, media archives, stock footage services, or other user-generated content can utilize MiMojo.

MiMojo integrates with other platforms to help increase workflow options and compatibility. MiMojo is also offering customizations that are tailored to a media company’s unique needs including enhanced security, custom metadata, and caption forms, as well as MAM/CMS integrations.

Key features of MiMojo

Intuitive Upload Wizard – Provides a simple, secure method for uploading mobile video footage with source metadata and captions.

Trim Files on Upload – Allows users to easily trim just the parts they need to send while keeping source file specs, eliminating the need to send large media files.

Custom Metadata Form – A customizable metadata and captions form enables users to select the metadata fields they need for their specific workflows and content management systems.

Transcoding in the Cloud – Receivers can change formats, frame rates and resolution of files at the point of download based on their specific needs.

Assignment Manager – Enables users to assign and track footage, and receive status notifications.

Send Full Res by Default – Mobile filmmakers will send the full res files easily without worrying about quality loss, with an option to compress the files in phone for faster upload if slower connection speeds and tighter deadlines demand it.

Integration – MiMojo is designed to integrate with other platforms, workflows, and marketplace endpoints for limitless workflows and compatibility; stay tuned for partner announcements.

Price & Availability

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MiMojo is currently in beta testing, with a planned release this summer. Above you can see how much it costs and what you get for your money. For more information, or to sign up for the MiMojo beta, you can go here.

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