Freefly increases payload capacity for the Mōvi Carbon so you can now use the Panasonic BS1H or BGH1

Freefly has managed to increase the payload capacity for the Mōvi Carbon and they are now offering the ability to run the Panasonic BS1H and BGH1 with direct camera control.

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Freefly recently expanded the Gimbal team and was able to dedicate more engineering horsepower to the Carbon line. The top priority has always been to provide reliable tools with efficient workflows that unlock new possibilities in image capture.

What control and functionality are available when using a BS1H or BGH1?

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  • Direct Camera Control
  • Shutter Angle
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Recording Status on Mōvi Controller
  • Wider Focal Range, 32-192mm (BS1H only)
  • SDI Out
  • Ethernet out

The additional camera controls were added by leveraging Airpixel’s Air Commander Entire R3 and a bit of new firmware on Freefly’s end. Now you can access the camera’s shutter angle, ISO, and white balance through the standard Mōvi Controller (and get recording status!).

The BS1H and BGH1 cameras were primarily built for the broadcast market. The BGH1 is a direct replacement for the GH5S and with the right lens, it maintains the 40-240mm effective focal range. The BS1H will be run in its 4K super 35 mode and offers a wider range at 32-192mm (again, depending on the lens choice)

Both cameras are Netflix approved and offer RAW recording options in Blackmagic RAW and ProRes RAW with the use of an external recorder. Both of these cameras offer new I/O options tailored for live-streaming production, so both SDI and ethernet out are now accessible on the spine of the Carbon.

SL4 Battery Kit

The last new feature is that the new SuperLight Batteries replace the existing Mōvi Pro batteries. These new smart batteries provide higher power under load and a longer runtime.

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